No prudent lawyer or businessperson would consider closing a real estate transaction without having adequate title insurance. And yet even though aircraft are highly mobile, and corporate aircraft transactions tend to be closed on a somewhat hectic schedule, people often close aircraft transactions without thinking about title insurance.

And that can be a million dollar mistake.

Oklahoma City-based Global Aviation Title Insurance Agency specializes in providing advanced protection for aircraft owners and lenders alike. In addition to offering leading-edge insurance polices that include Cape Town coverage, our professional staff is uniquely qualified and experienced in helping facilitate even the most complex aircraft transactions and developing innovative solutions for handling the unique risks associated with owning and financing aircraft.


In recent months, AvSure, Inc. has emerged as the single source in the aircraft title insurance industry to underwrite and issue comprehensive, affordable policies for both owners and lenders alike. Global Aviation Title Insurance Agency has been appointed as one of only two agencies for AvSure and Frank Polk has been appointed as one of a handful of its authorized agents. » Read announcement

With the new relationship with AvSure, Inc., we are updating our website with new information and resources. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need additional information, please call (405) 552-2393 or contact:

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